Synectics Business Solutions, Inc.

Established in 1990, Synectics Business Solutions, Inc. has its roots in early Macintosh® development. From its inception until early 1997, Synectics operated as a Mac-only consulting/software development company, dedicated to both recommending and implementing complete Mac solutions. This business focus provided the company with a unique insight into the need for a cost effective and convenient backup solution for Macintosh® users. The growing popularity of the Internet at that time combined with their knowledge of the industry, made it possible for them to research the potential for online backup technology and undertake its development. In June of 1998, they proudly introduced BackJack Online Backup for Macintosh™. After 13 years of revolutionizing the way Mac users back up and restore their critical data, BackJack was acquired by Mozy in July of 2011.

Today, Synectics maintains its commitment to the successful implementation of technology solutions to assist businesses in achieving their goals. Several years of experience working with small business, all the way to the Enterprise ensures your success and satisfaction. Transactional-based, web-enabled, and cloud solutions, coupled with mobile applications for iOS and Android are at the heart of the solutions provided to our clients.